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Prostitution infiltrating rural areas, says agency.
TECHNOLOGY HAS aided the spread of prostitution into rural Ireland with pimps and traffickers now able to monitor women working…
TECHNOLOGY HAS aided the spread of prostitution into rural Ireland with pimps and traffickers now able to monitor women working in small communities, women’s agency Ruhama has said.
The agency, which helps victims of trafficking and women involved in prostitution, said mobile phones and the internet were increasingly being used to advertise and arrange meetings in the sex industry. Ruhama estimated that as many as 1,000 women were selling sex at any given time in Ireland. As well as established markets in Dublin, Cork and Limerick, the agency said it had come into contact with organised prostitution in areas such as Edgeworthstown, Co Longford, Tubbercurry, Co Sligo, and Ballina, Co Mayo.
Women are moved quickly and sometimes frequently and the criminals involved remain at arm’s length hiding behind a computer screen,” the agency said in its annual report.
Information on women’s “movements, numbers of buyers, the amount of cash changing hands” was now immediately available to pimps and traffickers even if they were not on site.
Ruhama said it worked with 204 women involved in prostitution last year – a 4 per cent increase on 2009. The majority of new cases involved women working as escorts or in brothels but there was also a 9 per cent increase in the number of women working the streets who sought help from the agency.
Ruhama said it helped 140 women from 31 countries with matters such as accommodation, health, addiction and negotiating the criminal justice system in 2010. It said that 61 per cent of those trafficked into Ireland for sex came from Nigeria, with individuals also coming from countries such as Romania, Cameroon, Albania, Moldova and Ghana.
Ruhama chief executive Sarah Benson said prostitution and trafficking in Ireland was now of a “truly global nature”.
“The women Ruhama works with come from very diverse backgrounds and experiences. They also often have a great deal in common,” she said.
“Most are vulnerable migrant women or marginalised Irish nationals experiencing economic difficulties, especially debt, and some have addiction or childhood abuse issues.”
Ruhama has campaigned for the Government to take similar steps to its counterparts in Sweden where, in 1999, legislation criminalising the purchase and decriminalising the selling of sex was introduced.
Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan is said to be considering rolling out a nationwide operation targeting men who buy sex from prostitutes.
It follows a successful trial operation in Dublin which resulted in more than 60 men being prosecuted. Two follow-up undercover operations detected no kerb-crawlers in the areas targeted.
Speaking recently in the Dail, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter said that under Irish law it was not “an offence, in itself, to sell sex” or to purchase sex. Instead, the law aimed to protect prostitutes from exploitation and “society from the more intrusive aspects of such activity from a public order perspective”.
“Any proposal to amend the law in terms of criminalising the purchase of sex would require very careful examination,” he said.
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