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On one hand, proponents say that it’s a way for two people to live together before getting a full marriage to see if they’re right for each other without breaking any Islamic laws. Some contracts can stipulate that there will be no physical contact, and some are done under the watchful eyes of the parties’ parents. Other contracts can stipulate that the marriage is only going to last a few hours and that the woman is going to get paid for it.
So clear-cut is the fact that it can be used as a way around the taboo of prostitution that some Muslims, such as the Sunni, staunchly oppose it. Because of the time restraint and payment options, they say it’s a loophole for young men and women to have an infinite amount of partners without any religious guilt.

Prostitute in Hurdiyo Woman

Photograph by George Sakkestad.
What happens when prostitutes grow older? Well, in some cases, they get wiser. These veteran hookers say they’re still in the game, and what’s more, their clientele is still young.
By Dara Colwell.
TODAY, VICTORIA Schneider is in excruciating pain. As she sits awkwardly back onto the sofa, covered in an elaborate, faded brown rug, the tall, sinuous-looking woman takes a deep and noticeable breath. The pinched nerve, shooting spasms of pain along the span of her back, is an irksome inconvenience–she has already had to reschedule a client.
At first glance, Schneider appears somewhat androgynous. A dramatic-looking redhead, with large, blue-gray eyes and finely penciled eyebrows, she looks like either an incredibly handsome woman or an ingeniously talented drag queen. Her ample chest, tucked into a maroon sweatshirt, seems at odds with straight hips and a sensuous voice as gruff as gravel being dragged through mud.
At 49 years old, Schneider has seen it all. Her face lends several clues. Wrinkles gather around a generous mouth used to chain-smoking, insults, begging for dope, sweet-talking johns, working it. “Are you going to pay me for this interview?” she asks immediately, with no pretense. “A whore’s always going to ask.”
Schneider is still a working girl, a working woman, a semi-retired street prostitute who pulls tricks, a professional who, quite frankly, enjoys her job. She started out in her “10s, 11s, 12s” and, some four decades later, she’s as much on her game as any woman who has built a skill set over a lifetime. What’s more, her expertise attracts young men, clients who are looking for a mature professional who’s well-schooled and well-trained.
“In Sydney, I got $1,500 one night. That was cool,” she says casually. Schneider took the city of San Francisco to court last year after the police wrongfully strip-searched her. She won and took a vacation on the settlement. “He was in his 30s and real cute. We put on a couple of videos, lay on the bed and massaged each other, had sex and that was it. It was real nice.”
In Australia, Schneider came across several brothels specifically for older prostitutes. “I met a 70-year-old hooker when I was in Sydney,” she says, her voice lowering in admiration. “She was fine, you know, 70 years old. Not bad.” At 49, Schneider doesn’t exactly shirk the age thing–she knows she’s slowing down–but, not one to cater to expectations, she simply sees aging as better business. “(Older prostitutes) can talk, we can get a conversation going and we’re willing to spend the time,” she says. “Some guys want mature women who aren’t going to rip them off. So there’s an advantage both ways.”
Photograph by George Sakkestad.
Please Mr. Please.
IN HONORE DE BALZAC’S DAY, there were five times as many prostitutes in Paris as there are today. During that early 19th century era, prostitutes were proficient teachers providing sexual initiation for young boys, who filled the local brothels on half days and holidays. A great way, it could be said, to spend a kid’s lunch money.
Coming from Europe, a place where the sexy older woman historically exists, Cosi Fabian, a somewhat gamine, 52-year-old prostitute, has that dry English wit that lends an intellectual twist to her musings. Becoming a prostitute at 42, Fabian saw her career change as a political move. When she picks up the telephone, a harsh, morning voice, deepened by nicotine, greets me, requesting me to phone her back–on my dime.
“I think what age gives you, regardless of what you do, is grounding wisdom and acceptance of human foibles,” she says. “I don’t think age is a disability. Of course, I wish I looked 20 years younger, but I’ve gained other things.” Those “other things,” professionally speaking, as Fabian touts them in her online ad on, are giving “joy, integrity and compassion” to her clients. Or, as Fabian puts it in person, “being older, sexier and very, very good.”
And Fabian heartily admits to having lots of practice. Her initial training came during the 1960s, a time when the maxim “Nice girls don’t” was replaced by the liberating mantra “Yes they do, and they like it, too.” “The first quality of a good whore is [determining], ‘Were you a good slut?'” Fabian says. Having hit 15 with a great pair of legs, just as the pill and the miniskirt sashayed into popular use, her answer is apparent. “Yes! And I was damned good at it!”

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