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Amanpour resurrecting the spirit of Rahab IN SELLING HER OWN PEOPLE OUT to MASS-MURDER ANNIHILATION.
24 Then they burned the whole city and everything in it, but they put the silver and gold and the articles of bronze and iron into the treasury of the Lord ’s house. 25 But Joshua spared Rahab the prostitute , with her family and all who belonged to her, because she hid the men Joshua had sent as spies to Jericho —and she lives among the Israelites to this day.
THE WHORE of JERICHO is actually an interesting story that has far more substance and resonance than the more well known but less substantive, more metaphorical “whore of Babylon” story.
What is so interesting about the rather horrid story of the JEWISH ANNIHILATION of the terrified inhabitants of Jericho, is that the story is OSTENSIBLY about the MIGHT and GLORY of god.
As every Sunday schooled child knows, the “great” story of Jericho shows how Joshua led his (bloodthirsty, genocidal little band of warmongering) Jews to surround and besiege the terrified residents of Jericho. and then, after seven days of the jew priests and religious leaders blowing their damn horns, “g-o-d” helped the jews to slaughter the men, women, children, AND BABIES (and animals) of the doomed city, by SMASHING down the walls that defended the doomed city in a mighty crash.
the MIGHT and GLORY of G-O-D smashing down mighty defensive wall; just what is with that whole ‘ the HARLET of JERICHO taking in Joshua’s SPIES’ story?”
In our below bible text clip, we show that there was indeed NO NEED for either a prostitute or Joshua’s jewish SPIES: “g-o-d” COMMANDS Joshua to send his army to besiege Jericho, and then, after Joshua followed the procedures as g-o-d instructed , then g-o-d SMASHED the walls down with NO NEED for human assistance – Joshua’s SPIES and their treacherous WHORE are frivolous elements, nothing but embellishments to the story, if “almighty”, all-seeing ‘g-o-d’ COMMANDED Joshua to send his army to Jericho, then WHY the need for spies or whores?
The only reason Joshua would have sent spies to consort with whores in Jericho, is if he would have been DOUBTING g-o-d’s commands!
In fact, this is a perfect example of bible literature INVERTING reality :
the story of Jews sending SPIES and ASSASSINS to BRIBE TRAITORS among their future victims is the REAL story.
so too today do we have CNN MEDIA WHORE war-pig Christiane Ananpour, WANTING TO HELP AL QAEDA Sunni Islamic JIHADIS – HIRED and recruited by the CIA, Saudis, Britain, France, Turkey, NATO, Saudis, Qataris, Bahrainis, Kuwaitis AND THE INSANE JEWS (israel) from all over the radicalized Islamic world – KILL SYRIAN CHRISTIANS, Kurds, Druze, Allawites, Shia (also Muslims) and all other ethnic & religious minorities in SYRIA – all while bleating about her own self-professed “HUMANITARIAN” principles!!
below video: brutal JEWISH SPONSORED “ETHNIC CLEANSING” and MASS MURDER of a CHRISTIAN village in Syria. all so the INSANE jews can prepare for their total, ruthless GAZA style ETHNIC CLEANSING of Syria in preparation for the ANNEXATION of Syria in to the demented “eratz israel” “GREATER ISRAEL” GENOCIDAL, insane judeo war state!

Prostitute in Syria Whores

If you are down with P4P, it’s okay, you will find girls looking for an extra buck or two in the bigger cities (Agadir, Marrakech, Tangier, Fez).
They usually hang around in the nightclubs found at hotels or major tourist destinations. The medinas are also good place for 4p4.
They are down, but at a cost.
Dont know about the link.
I took the ferry from spain to Nador in Marocco some years (things might have changed) , had an awsome time travelling around here. Met som really cool guys that took care off me.
Got some pussy attenion (specially in the smaller places, kinda off-the beaten track), even girls walking up to me asking where Im from and stuff, giving me their phone numbers. Talked to them, met up on the beach.
But nothing more really happened. Remember this is an islamic country (biggest cock-block).
It seemed to me that they where always worried being seen togehter with me (an infidel) by brothers , family or friends of the family.
Many places I could’nt even get a beer. A night time they usually just sat around small cafes drinking chai and smoking kif. No girls around.
They also told me that moroccons that have family and/or the possibility, goes to france for party,coke, and girls. French-Morrocon/Moroccon-french girls are much more easier.
Drinking is expensive.
The country can easily become tiring; there is always somebody trying to rip you off and alot hassel, and hussling.
If found Tangier to be awful. People always coming up to me trying to sell me shit (from drugs to virgins) or begging for money, at cafes, in the street, even on the beach.
The two swedish girls I met, said that they had guys calling them whores and insulting them.
I wouldnt go back.
I wouldnt go back.
Well, compared to the normal Moroccan girls those Swedes were almost certainly sluts. lol.
Anyway I don’t recommend to lone Western girls to travel those countries without boys, the locals can be really pushy and annoying.

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