Romantic Dinner With The Master

Romantic Dinner With The Master
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This is not to say that all the recent sex crimes in Central stem from the hotel being there, but certainly it seems to me, that the moral climate has shifted somewhat; has shifted all over the nation, and the world, but Central seems at the weakest point of the fault line. Houses of prostitution, whorehouses, do affect a neighbourhood adversely. Men staggering away from those places could cause decent people to bolt their doors and make sure their daughters are inside. The neighbourhood goes downhill.
So that a teacher in Central is now a fugitive for fondling a six year old, and he was reported to be hiding out at a relative’s house. What does that say about the relative? (The Unabomber’s brother turned him in – USA, a mother who realized that her son had filed a false robbery and kidnapping report, turned him in – San Fernando.) A father and son are charged with jointly using A REALTIVE as a prostitute since she was twelve years old, and Amy’s mother is charged along with her stepfather of sexually abusing a four year old. Add the child prostitute, aged five, being sold by her mother daily in the village, and its time, I think that such stalwarts of sociological analysis in the community as Mary King and Selwyn Ryan, should take up residence in Central, and, armed with support from the Social Welfare Ministry and students from UWI’s sociology classes, attempt to find out just why there is what seems like an epidemic of child sexual abuse in the belly of the country. We sometimes spend a lot of time talking about Caricom and Guyana, while the rice basket of the country, with its newer sources of excess wealth, is going to hell, along with the innocence of our daughters.
U.S. Department of State.
Trinidad and Tobago is a destination, transit, and possible source country for adults and children subjected to sex trafficking and adults subjected to forced labor. Women and girls from the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Venezuela, and Colombia are subjected to sex trafficking in Trinbagonian brothels and clubs. Economic migrants from the Caribbean region and from Asia, including India and China, are vulnerable to forced labor. Cases of forced labor have occurred in domestic service and in the retail sector. Law enforcement officials report Trinbagonian children were vulnerable to sex trafficking and forced labor, including the coerced selling of drugs. A 2013 study indicates individuals in establishments, such as brothels or nightclubs, throughout Trinidad recruit women and girls for the commercial sex trade and keep their passports; withholding a passport is a common indicator of human trafficking. This report also indicates that economic migrants who lack legal status may be exposed to various forms of exploitation and abuse, which are indicative of human trafficking. As an island-nation outside the hurricane belt, Trinidad and Tobago experiences a steady flow of vessels transiting its territorial waters, some of which may be engaged in illicit and illegal activities, including forced labor in the global fishing industry.
The Government of Trinidad and Tobago does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so. During the reporting period, the government vigorously investigated trafficking offenses and, for the first time, formally charged suspected trafficking offenders under its 2011 anti-trafficking law. Officials in the anti-trafficking unit identified an increased number of trafficking victims and referred them for care. The government proactively investigated government officials for trafficking-related complicity; however, it has yet to convict any individuals under its anti-trafficking law. A lack of formalized stand-alone identification procedures for front-line responders hindered the government’s ability to identify additional trafficking victims and increased the risk of their inadvertent arrest, deportation, or punishment.
Recommendations for Trinidad and Tobago:
Prosecute cases investigated under the 2011 Trafficking in Persons Act and convict and sentence trafficking offenders, including government officials complicit in human trafficking; devote adequate resources to the anti-trafficking unit to carry out its mandate in the investigation of trafficking crimes and the identification and protection of victims; develop a national action plan to address law enforcement efforts, victim care, and interagency coordination related to human trafficking crimes; formalize and widely disseminate procedures to guide all front-line officials in the identification and referral of potential victims, especially among foreign women in prostitution, migrant workers, and children; increase and provide adequate funding to NGOs to care for trafficking victims; continue training and outreach to educate officials about the manifestations of trafficking in the country and the 2011 Trafficking in Persons Act; improve coordination between investigators and prosecutors to build effective cases against suspected human trafficking offenders; and implement a national public awareness campaign that addresses all forms of trafficking, including the prostitution of Trinbagonian children and forced labor.

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