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A/N: The following story discusses drug addiction, and implies an abusive relationship. If any of these things make you uncomfortable or trigger you, I’d suggest you stop reading.
“(Name). I will not tell you again. Give me the needle.” His tone. It was unrecognizable. A side of a calm and collected person that you had never seen. You trembled at the intensity of his glare, and the eeriness that surrounded him. You knew that Levi was dead serious, but so were you.
“L-Levi, please, a-at first I honestly had know idea how bad this was, but now I know you need help. Pl-Please, if not for me, think of your friends-”
“Who the actual hell do I have? Who in this goddamn piece of shit world actually cares about me?” Levi continued to persist on, his strong hand grasping your wrist. You winced at the force, a pained cry leaving your quivering lips. You held the needle out of reach to your best power, hoping to keep it away from him.
Why did he even bother? The idea that each and every time Levi Ackerman had shit thrown at him he proceeded to get back up was astounding. When would it end?
He worked his ass off at his damnable job, dragging himself out of bed to get bitched at by his bosses for hours on end. And for what? Why did he work so hard for this? Levi thought that money might be the required adhesive to keep his crippling marriage together. He thought that if he forked in enough cash he might be able to keep Petra at his side.
But what happened?
He spent too much time on work and too little time on her, and it drove her even further away. Into the arms of another man, to be specific.
Levi knew he couldn’t blame her for seeking someone else’s company, but did she have to do it in their goddamn bed? Now he won’t be able to sleep there knowing that his soon to be ex-wife traipsed about with a stranger between the sheets.
You watched a gloomy figure hunched over, your eyes fixated on his slightly disheveled appearance and unnatural silence. Your body was leaning against the wall, your fingers repeatedly tapping against your skin. Pushing away your own comfort, you decided to no neglect the man that was staring down at his untouched meal, and walked over the the chair that was adjacent to his own. Since it was early in the morning – there was next to no noise, until your chair let out a small groan when you moved it.
When you finally sat down, you noticed the dark locks that covered his face, leaving you unable to guess his current emotional state.
“Levi.” Your voice was soft, but still managed to hold a firmness to it. The person sitting in front of you didn’t even acknowledge that he heard you, not that you didn’t already know he did. You let out a sigh at his stubborn attempts to stay silent, and decided to bring out your hand, before rubbing circles on his.
You slid down the cold metallic pole. The music faded, and the stuffy, dark room erupted into cheers, catcalls and whistles. Immediately, you turned a heel and concealed yourself behind the thick curtains as the next performers strutted their way out. The choreographer, the sweet little ginger, Petra Ral, clasped her hands in delight, as your boss naturally looked unimpressed as usual.
“Perfect!” she cheered, grabbing your shoulders with a bright smile. “You performed yet another flawless routine!”
You chuckled and sipped the water from your container. “Thanks a lot. They seemed to like it okay.
Your boss, Oluo Bozado, scoffed and flipped his thick, curled locks . “Of course, they pay money to like it, so they’d better.”
Petra rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Knock it off! She did great even without their approval!” She gave him a sharp bat upside the head.
“Hey! I could get you fired for that!”
“Ah, shit.” The ever so poetic voice reached your ears, causing you to groan in response. Even if Levi wasn’t particularly loud, his cursing was enough to cause you to awaken from your peaceful rest. You were pretty sure it was a Saturday, not that it exactly meant anything in the way of sleeping in. When you become a parent, sleep is something you treasure even more, because of how rare it becomes.
Luckily, your kids would rest soundly for the most part. But that didn’t always mean you both did, since your mind was always plagued with cruel nightmares. Levi more often than you.
But, alas, it was Saturday, meaning you and your grumpy husband could enjoy a bit of extra sleep. If Levi was lucky, perhaps a bit of cuddling. But as of right now, you turned over to look at him, a frown on your lips since he woke you up.
“Damn birds. ” Your limp arms prop themselves up as you look at your clock. The blurry numbers read ‘8:00’. You rub your eyes shockingly.
“It’s only 8? Why the hell am I up?” You land on your soft cushions and close your eyes in annoyance. You flip and turn, but to no avail. After about 30 minutes of trying to go back to sleep, you decide to get up and actually be useful. You trudge downstairs and make your way into the kitchen.
You take in a deep breath, before you looked around the grungy surroundings that you were about to sing in. Slightly obnoxious laughter filled your ears, and you couldn’t help but look at the source of it. A group of men were playing cards with one another, and daring each other to take shots. Most of the men in the group‘s cheeks were reddened with the effects of alcohol, and you cringed at how disgusting they were, as they stared at women’s cleavage from afar.

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Nonetheless, an odd phenomenon is emerging nowadays that married couples visit male prostitutes to spice up their sexual lives. "Husbands bring their wives along to go whoring due to the fact that it's exciting or husbands realize they cannot fulfill their wives' sexual needs so they hire MSWs to do the job," said a local sex worker named Wai. He is gay and boasts dozens of customers.
Daniel is now self-employed. He met all his customers online. No one takes a cut from his earnings. "I love the free time that the job allows me. I cannot get back to typical office work. Plus, I get to know many people, some of them are rich and smart, through this job. And I have learned a lot from them."
At present, MSWs usually seek their customers in three ways. First, there are individual online encounters; second, online agents and third, saunas and massage establishments. "Not every money boy is a masseuse, but they ought to learn this skill if they look for more opportunities," said Wai. "A small number of them set up one-man brothels."
Midnight Blue, set up in 2005, aims to promote safe sex among gays and provide legal support for MSWs. At times, staff at Midnight Blue launch outreaching visits to night clubs and saunas to advocate a safer environment for MSWs. Their motto is, "Whoring to a Better Future, Paying for a More Sensuous Life". The organization has published a book, Sex Without Boundaries, about the ups and downs of eight young people working as MSWs.
It is estimated that there are around 2,000 MSWs in the city. Some of them are locals and the others come from the mainland and South East Asian countries. Yiu believes the import of these MSWs is helping develop the sex industry. "When the pie gets bigger, people get to know where to look for suitable people when they feel like it and the sex workers, either males or females, will have a bigger market," he said.
According to a Chinese adage, ma si luo di xing, meaning you need to walk if your horse dies. Gloomy economy had spawned prostitution. Daniel witnessed a boom of MSWs in Singapore during the economic downturn. The candidates were previously drivers or chefs or other occupations.
Daniel considers himself fortunate that he seldom comes across problem customers. He says most customers come to him to be soothed. "I think that being a sex worker might be like being a therapist. Many gay people are introvert, they have no one to talk to and they cannot come out of the closet. Only by talking to us can they reveal their true selves," Daniel explained.
It is understandable that MSWs are commonly gays, or preferably so, for the sake of their jobs. Straight men may find it gross or need to tackle a great psychological barrier in making love to men.
Ever since he took to prostitution, Daniel was prepared to sacrifice his childhood friends. "We have nothing in common. They talk about families and kids, all this has nothing to do with me," he said.
Daniel understands the limitations of prostitution – age. "I will retire from this business, but I know people who work well past 40. That said, the older we get, the less we will work, and eventually we will have to retire," he admitted. He expects he saves up enough money to establish his own business within a year.
Looking back, he regrets nothing for choosing this path. "If I had my life ahead of me, I would still choose to do the same thing," he said. "Prostitution is a harmless vocation. We don't destroy but complement."
Daniel doesn't rule out the possibility of getting married one day, with a girl. "I can accept a girl as my family member but if you talk about sex, I still prefer a man."
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Tagalaya Island, North Maluku.
In Tobelo, North Maluku, there is a beautiful island which totally promoted by the government; Tagalaya island. The island of Tagalaya is giving cleaning water as glass and natural view like paintings. The beauty of Eastern Indonesia is never get … Continue reading →
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The Historical Tidore.
Tidore is a city and archipelago in North Maluku,west of the larger island of Halmahera. This archipelago is famous since the colonialism era for its best cloves and nutmeg.
Before Islam came to the archipelago, Tidore known by the name of Duko Kie, which means the mountainous island. The word of Tidore comes from the combination of two series of words and language, Tidore language and Arabic in Iraqi dialect. In Tidore, To Ado re, has meaning, ‘I have arrived’ and Arabic Iraqi dialect, Anta thadore which means ‘you come’.
Tidore Kingdom established since 1108 AD and stands as an independent kingdom until the late 18th century AD. After that, the kingdom of Tidore were in Dutch colonial rule. After the independence of Indonesia, Tidore become part of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).
The first Europeans who came in Tidore is sailor from Spain who came to Tidore at year 1512. Before the Spanish withdrawal from Tidore and Ternate in 1663, the Tidore sultanate established itself as one of the strongest and most independent states in the region. After the Spanish withdrawal it continued to resist direct control by the Dutch East India Company (the VOC).
The local inhabitants who live in Tidore are Tidore People. Tidore people also live in maitara, Mare dan Moti, and along in west coast of Halmahera. They use Bahasa Tidore for daily speaking which belong to the non-Austronesian family.
The lineage system on Tidore People are based on the principle of patrilineal. One of important kinship group is patrilineal clan, which they call soa. Marriage is the ideal according to their customary marriage between first cousins (kufu). Tidore tribes generally are Muslims. Tidore once become.
an empire in the past. Tidore Sultanate is one of the center of the development and spread of Islam in Maluku.
Tidore people do farming, fishing, trading, and become the civilian officer. In their land, they produce rice, maize, sweet potato, cassava, peanuts and green beans, also coffee, cinnamon, mango, durian and citrus.
Some tourist attraction in this town is Ake Sahu beach, Maitara Island, cape tongowai), the Tidore imperial museum Sonyine Malige, Cobo beach, fort Tahua, the landing monument of “Sebastiano De Elaco” which was the sailor from Spain.
Year-End Trip: Explore Tidore Part 1.
One cannot talk about Ternate without mentioning Tidore. Situated at the south of Ternate, Tidore also holds significant importance along with its neighbor for its supply of spices, such as nutmeg and cloves, that attracted foreign explorers to the islands.
Compared to Ternate, Tidore Island is bigger in size but with smaller number of population. No wonder the city felt noticeably quieter and more laid back. After some observations, I could tell that everyone in this island was familiar with each other, as greetings became common practice.
From our hotel in Ternate, we took an angkot to Port Bastiong. Followed by a quest to charter a speedboat at reasonable price. It took only about 10 minutes to travel by speedboat from Port Bastiong to the Island of Tidore.
At the Rum Port of Tidore Island, my travel mates and I were welcomed by Alex and Bang Shul that practically would be our guide for the rest of our tour. After stacking our backpacks at the back of our rented car, our trip in Tidore Island officially began.
We stopped here for some pictures, and I became obsessed with taking panoramic photos. Juan Sebastian Elcano Monument One can pass this site everyday without realizing its importance for Tidore history.
First stop was the Juan Sebastian Elcano monument that was built next to Port Rum. The site was abandoned and mostly covered with fallen leaves.
Looking back to the history, initially, the first commander of the fleet that departed from Spain in 1519 in search for a route to East Asia was Ferdinand Magellan. However, the death of Magellan in Mactan, Philippines, raised Elcano into the position as the commander. He, along with other 18 crews finally found the Island of Tidore, came ashore, and hence, the name of the monument. A year later, they reached the Spain in 1522, and declared as the first men to circumnavigate the globe in a single expedition.

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Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery.
In the early years of the 21st Century humantrafficking /Finland.htm.
Although Finland has been one of the best performing economies within the EU in recent years and its banks and financial markets have avoided the worst of global financial crisis, the world slowdown has hit export growth and domestic demand and will serve as a brake on economic growth in 2009 and 2010. The slowdown of construction, other investment, and exports will cause unemployment to rise. During 2009, unemployment will climb to over 8% of the labor force. Long-term challenges include the need to address a rapidly aging population and decreasing productivity that threaten competitiveness, fiscal sustainability, and economic growth. [ The World Factbook , U.S.C.I.A. 2009]
Finland is a transit and destination country for women and girls trafficked from Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Caucasus, China, and Thailand to and through Finland to France, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Spain, and the United States for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. Finland is a destination country for men and women trafficked from China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh for the purpose of forced labor; victims are exploited in the construction industry, restaurants, and as domestic servants. – U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2009 [full country report]
CAUTION: The following links have been culled from the web to illuminate the situation in Finland . Some of these links may lead to websites that present allegations that are unsubstantiated or even false. No attempt has been made to validate their authenticity or to verify their content.
Curbing Human Trafficking.
Vatican Radio RV, 23 June 2006.
[accessed 24 January 2016]
The Finnish Parliament has approved new legislation aimed at curbing human trafficking in the sex trade. Under the new law, a client of a prostitute could face six months in prison if police and magistrates can prove the clients knew the prostitute was forced to sell her services.
Minority Ombudsman: Features of human trafficking in Roma begging.
yle Uutiset News, Sweden, 17 June 2012.
[accessed 18 June 2012]
According to the Swedish-language daily Hufvudstadsbladet , women Roma beggars in Helsinki have been seen turning over money to apparently well-to-do men.
According to the paper, there have been incidents observed in which women Roma beggars have been seen turning over money to well-dressed men driving expensive cars. In Biaudet’s view, these incidents present a classic picture of human trafficking. Helsinki police have long believed it possible that that the street begging by foreign Roma in the city is tied to human trafficking.
Growing Number of Human Trafficking Victims in Finland.
Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE News, October 7, 2010.
[accessed 5 February 2011]
A new study challenges the belief that Finland is only a transit country for human trafficking. However experts are unsure of the exact number of people trapped in this modern-day form of slavery. Venla Roth, a senior officer at the Minority Ombudsman’s Office, says there are many victims of human trafficking in the country and provides the following example from 2009:
“The police received a tip regarding a gardening company in Ostrobothnia. Ten Thai nationals were working at the company for monthly salaries ranging between 200 and 290 euros. The workers were not allowed to leave the company premises, their credit cards had been confiscated and many of them were going hungry.”
Five Sentenced in Human Trafficking Case.
Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE News, December 9, 2008.
[accessed 31 August 2011]
Last summer the group held an 18-year-old Kotka woman as their prisoner for one week in south-east Finland . During this time they physically assaulted her and also forced her to provide sexual services. The group moreover took out loans in the woman’s name.
"The case was unusual as the victim and the perpetrators knew each other and because all of the events occurred within this country’s borders," said Kцnцnen .

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I’m almost done with a mod that allows you to REALLY and not just stand there and move the car, mod that allows you to actually get real sex.
Right now i’m scripting it so UP and DOWN arrow keys are to hit the pussy (or ass).
I will upload screenshots and videos later.
This should be available in a few days if school doesn’t slow me down.
Controls explained in my next post, i guess.
Edited by earthykiller, 15 October 2013 – 06:36 PM.
Like This Unlike SilverRST 14 Oct 2013.
Funny sh*t. Will CJ also get aids? He’ll die withing a week or a month?
Or CJ is getting herpes or he must scratch his man parts all day because of a STD?
It would be really funny if that can be done.
Like This Unlike MAD BOSS 14 Oct 2013.
Wow, “real sex” in GTA. Does that include chances of prostitute getting pregnant or being a tranny? They do it in Thailand, you know.
Like This Unlike earthykiller 14 Oct 2013.
Nah, but his sex appeal will increase, making his dick bigger.
Also no aids or stuff, too complicated, when i know more, i’ll do it.
EDIT = Finally done the interactive UP and DOWN stuff, just needs a little bit more of coding.
also, i’ll just release an unfinished version, why not.
Edited by earthykiller, 14 October 2013 – 05:57 PM.
Like This Unlike SilverRST 14 Oct 2013.
Is it possible that the hooker can f*ck CJ in his ass with the giant purple dildo?
Like This Unlike The Clansman 14 Oct 2013.
Like This Unlike earthykiller 14 Oct 2013.
Is it possible that the hooker can f*ck CJ in his ass with the giant purple dildo?
Ahahaha. I would if i could. Also now download is available, so go grab your stuff.
NOTES : This is the really really pre beta version, so HP would not increase, or money would not decrease. I’ll do that later.
Here’s download : http://www.mediafire. esmev3m15yaywv0 it’s a .rar file, so use Winrar to open it. Sorry ZIP users.
CONTROLS : Find a hooker and press “1” (Not numpad) to f*ck her/ stop the f*cking.
UP and DOWN arrow keys to rape (Hint = For mega rape, hold both)
SPACEBAR to change position. Enjoy.
It will stop after like 20 seconds, but you can still do it again on the same prostitutes.
ALSO i’m working on a one where you can do it on everyone (EVEN BOYS.)
There is a bug where it looks like you are humping the air, just press 1 to stop and try again.
Edited by earthykiller, 14 October 2013 – 06:15 PM.
Like This Unlike SilverRST 14 Oct 2013.
Hahaha, this sh*t is gonna be fun lol. And CJ can f*ck for free? No need to kill the slut for getting the money back?
Like This Unlike earthykiller 14 Oct 2013.
Hahaha, this sh*t is gonna be fun lol. And CJ can f*ck for free? No need to kill the slut for getting the money back?
Yup, i havent coded it so that it doesnt lose money, and why killing her, just keep pushing.
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Colombia is the only country in South America with coastlines on both the North Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Lying to the south of Panama, Colombia controls the land access between Central and South America. With Panama to the north, Colombia is surrounded by Venezuela to the east, Brazil to the southeast, and Ecuador and Peru to the south west. Forget the country’s reputation. Twice the size of France, and with a diversity of landscapes and cultures that would be hard to find even in countries five times its size, Colombia belongs in the upper echelons of the world’s most incredible travel destinations.
The political violence has subsided substantially throughout the majority of the country and savvy travelers have already flocked here from around the world. Go before everyone else catches on!
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