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One of the other issues that these girls face is rape. Madeleine has been raped and beaten several times, and sometimes, after the men have sex with her, they refuse to pay.
She only stays out on the streets long enough to make150 gourds ($3.70), which is just enough to buy food for herself and her family. Then she returns to the tent, where she sleeps in a cramped corner on a dirty blanket on the floor with her brother.
“Usually I take 50 gourds [$1.25] that night to eat and I save 100 gourds [$2.50] for the next day,” Madeleine says.  “With that money, I prepare food for everyone in the tent. I cannot buy rice, but I prepare spaghetti, something that is very easy and cheap.”
By day, at times, Madeleine seems just like any other teenage girl. She jokes, laughing raucously with neighbors, and stands in the doorway to the tent painting her nails a deep brown. She does this every week, she says, because it makes her feel pretty. But as she stares at her hand, waiting for her nails to dry, she becomes wistful.
“I don’t like what she does, but I don’t have another way to provide,” says Madeleine’s aunt, Marguerite, as she turns to look at Madeleine.
At first, when Marguerite saw Madeleine going out, all dressed up, she was angry, because she assumed Madeleine was going to parties. But when Madeleine returned with money, Marguerite realized what she was doing, but has had to turn a blind eye. She would like Madeleine to return to school, but there is barely enough money to eat, let alone pay fees.
Like many Haitians, Madeleine and her aunt believe that President Martelly will do something to help them.
“I am expecting [the government] will do something for us because they say they are going to do something for those people living in the camps,” says Madeleine.
Requests for a comment from President Martelly about the issue of child prostitution went unanswered, but Parry says that the Haitian government and international community are going to have to do a better job of coordinating efforts to help not just the girls, but all displaced persons.
“There needs to be long-term investment and a comprehensive plan for creating sustainable economic viability,” says Parry. “It really requires listening, which seems to be the greatest failure of international humanitarian systems.”
Parry says that organizations like Fonkoze, Zafen and The Lambi Fund, which offer micro-financing, education and training, could provide a way out of prostitution for these young women.
“They could develop marketable skills, begin a business or get hired for a job, save money, afford to move out of the camp into a community, and so on,” says Parry. “Of course, there are other pieces to the puzzle which could be addressed with good coordination across resources and agencies: safe places to live and land to live on, homes that are built to safe and affordable standards, community networks, water and sanitation.”  
For the foreseeable future, Madeleine will have to continue working as a prostitute. Now that the rainy season has begun, it has been hard for her to work at night, which means that she and her family have again been going days without food.
Before she goes to sleep, Madeleine prays that God will send someone who can help her and her family. Her greatest wish is to return to school. Sometimes, Madeleine sees her old classmates who ask when she plans to reenroll.  Occasionally, she runs into them when she is out working on the street at night.
“I still have friends that I used to have before the earthquake, but they don't know what kind of life I have,” she says. “When they say ‘Madeleine, what are you doing here?’ I say, ‘I came here to buy something,’ or ‘I am waiting for someone.’”
To cheer herself up on days when she is especially depressed, Madeleine says she remembers the afternoons spent on the streets with these other friends, doing other things. She and her friends would joke with each other and make mischief by playfully bumping into people as they walked home from school.
“Now when I go to fetch water and I look at the girls coming from school in their uniforms, I have that memory, and I smile,” she says.
This reporting project was supported with a grant from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.
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Rocker Rudy, 19, Donald Jackson, 19, and Berisa Nebahate, 19, were arrested Saturday after one of the two teens used a phone to “ping” her father’s cell from East New York, law-enforcement sources said.
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You should carry as much of your equipment in your carry on luggage as possible. Incidents of theft from checked luggage, while not very frequent, do happen.
Repeaters and local frequencies Edit.
There are a few local repeaters that you can say hello on. Those are:
147.930MHz -600kHz 9Y4TT (North) 146.940MHz -600kHz 9Y4TT (Central/South) 147.760MHz -600kHz 9Y4TT (Tobago) 146.100MHz +600KHz 9Y4NG (Central/South) 147.705MHz -600Khz 9Y4TTL (North)
In addition 146.520MHz is often monitored as a simplex channel. In the South (San Fernando) 146.550MHz is monitored and there is also an echolink node run by 9Y4NG on that frequency.
The local custom for a general call on the repeater is to say, “QRZ? This is <your callsign>, is anyone on frequency?”
Citizens Band Radio (CB) is not licensed for use in Trinidad and Tobago. However, recent changes to the laws by the Telecommunications Authority have indicated that CB will be licensed and legal soon in Trinidad. However, the CB prohibition did not stop many locals from purchasing and using CB’s. As a tourist you may not be so lucky. It is best to not carry any CB radios into Trinidad. They will most likely be seized by customs.
Personal radio services (FRS, GMRS, MURS, PMR446) Edit.
FRS and GMRS are licensed for use in Trinidad and Tobago but other types may not be or may require an operator’s license along with device registration with local authorities. Radios may be held by customs for inspection or seized. Best to leave them at home. It is also illegal to use unlicensed devices within the territorial waters of Trinidad and Tobago. This means that if you are on a cruise ship or other vessel docked in T&T waters, you may wish to leave the FRS/GMRS/MURS/PMR446 radios off and do not transmit. Other licensed services use those frequencies and you may interfere with them.
Provided your radios are part of your boat’s equipment and licensed by your home country, you should not have any issues bringing these in. Bringing these in other than installed in boats could result in them being seized.
Broadcast radio and TV Edit.
Thanks to the liberalization of the telecommunications market, there are now many radio stations on the FM band. Most of the stations play music, with Caribbean (read reggae), Indian music, calypso/soca and American pop/hiphop being popular, in that order.
There are some local TV stations, the major one being TV6 on Channels 6 and 18. Most of them carry local programming, but TV6 carries American series, sitcoms and soap operas. Some stations are cable only whereas others are low power so they are only available regionally. Gayelle The Channel on Channels 23 and 27 is a 100% local television station that can give visitors to Trinidad and Tobago an interesting and entertaining insight into local life and culture. Other local channels include; NCC 4, Synergy TV, Trinity Television and the Islamic Channel.
Cable television is also available. Most major American networks are available on cable including CBS, NBC and ABC. Cable TV is available at hotels and guest houses.
Satellite TV from DirecTV Latin America is also available, but their offerings are not as good as cable and they tend to feature more Spanish language programming.
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Buses go direct to bagan and also direct to Magwee for Mrauk U but obviously you don’t want to miss out on Bagan.
I always recommend one to stay in Naung U as opposed to Old and new bagan mainly for market and also for cheaper guest houses and restaurants I always stay Eden motel great breakfast on the roof and also reasonable prices for B&B there atre also many from market roundabout towards shwezigon temple plenty of other guest houses to choose from if full on right is shwemoe a good restauranat and closer to shwezigon is Weatherspoons if you are feeling alittle decadent after heavy Shan curries and uncooked vegetables. They do great Wienner schnitzel and also Boeuf Bourguignon + fries and burgers. There is a daily 7:30am bus direct to Naungshwe Inle plus buses direct to Magwee and Mrauk U via Ann plus buses to Paye if you want to chance the overnight bsu from there to Taungok and onto Thandwe (Ngapali beach) BUT note if you want to go to sittwe (fast boat) then day boat on to Mrauk U you might find it easier to fly Yangon to Sittwe and then back to Thandwe (with Air Bagan)
Rent a bike and follow my map :
Ok cycle or horsecart from Naung U to where road turns left to airport entrance there turn right where road bears left towards New Bagan go straight on and turn left at junction where road heads right to that awful viewing tower , cycle between the walls and on right is the temple with the best views over Bagan. After carry on that road and it meets up with the main rd just as you enter New Bagan it becomes dual carriageway on the left here is great tea Shoppe for a ley peye Bdaba with chick peas or samosas nice tea break remember the green tea is always free . then in town turn right to Old bagan and stopping temples right and left to turn right once in old bagan to Ananda there are some nice reasonable priced eating places here for lunch and after towards Naung U on left is Thali Pein for best sunset views over the Irrawaddy if too early then head for shwezigon and after head back to Thali Pein.
The market is the best place for tourist Tat at wholesale prices as opposed to the temples . great puppets also laquerware at reasonable prices and paintings etc etc.
it was a long time ago I went to stay at GH rolex but it was too scruffy even for me so I stayed around close to bus station, and 730am ready for bus to Mrauk U although an interesting site across the river at the other bus station is the Mud volcano.
In sittwe I stayed at Palace hotel with good restaurant ‘Riverview’ next door great king prawns in batter with French fries.
In Mrauk U I stayed close to town at waddyu htut Gh tel : 043: 24200-50240 and ate in maket also Mo Cherrys has a good reputation if not a little expensive.
Ngapali beach I only ever stayed in Lyn Thar OO and last time they hasd sold part of it to memento resort but most of the cheaper second row backpacker bungalows had been torn down for for beach side family rooms with sat Tv etc etc etc. My last time was $8 B&B but can’t see you getting a single for anywhere near that now(more like $50 per room ) and if you turn left out of main gate first restaurant on left and one opposite were my favourites.
As said the obver night buses go direct to yangon via Gwa but take the VIP one as you get reclining seats and also free meal on the way.
Chaungtha beach & Pathein.
When you arrive usually around 5am at O Mingalar bus terminus you can take taxi driect to western bus terminus anbout 14 kms away across the river costs around $8 -$12 dependent how good you can bargain. If you stya overnight in yangon then just walk past the taxis and take local bus GREEN 43 = it looks like 4 ? mark wrong way and 3 question mark right way to Sukle pagoda and traders Hotel 300kyat as opposed to $12 for taxi .
If going to the bus terminus for Pathein and Chaungtha from tow there is a number 2 goes direct but you will need to leave very early ie 5am but also useful j or 2 is great getting back into Yangon from Western bus terminus.
As the bus arrives onChaunttha beach opposite is Shwe hin Tha beach hotel tel: 042-42118 095200617 email: shared with German guy on bus fortwo days som as the room wass $28 single full board we got $35 for two, twin room on the beach 2 nights and along the road is great restaurant for good food now called Shwe Ya minn tel 95-42-42126 it also has cheaper rooms for singles ie around $12-$15 B&B But its a walk to the beach .
In Pathein great restaurant opposite the bank and a couple of hotels but the one I stayed turned out to be a brothel $12 whereas locals paid $2 to include two prostitutes for the night. Having never been with a prostitute in all my life I did not feel that hard done by lol.
Take the 6:30am train direct to Moulmien from Yangon at last count foreigners had to pay in $’s cash ord calss $7 the 7:30 train is packed and also older stock whereas the 6:30 one has newer chinese carraiges. If you intend to leave via Kawthuing to Thai border in sth thenmaybe do Golden rock first then Hpa and anjd then Moulmein If you are leaving via Hpa an through to Myrwaddy the leave Hpa an till last.

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