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(c) a school, education and care service premises or children’s services centre; or.
(d) a public place regularly frequented by children and in which children are present at the time of the soliciting, accosting or loitering.
The Sex Work Act 1994 under Section 12 also states that.
“a person must not.
(a) loiter in or frequent a public place for the purpose of, or with the intention of, inviting or soliciting any person to offer sex work services himself or herself with him or her or another person or of being accosted by or on behalf of a sex worker; or.
(b) in a public place invite or solicit any person to offer sex work services himself or herself with him or her or another person.
Section 21C of the Sex Work Act is about banning notices. According to the Act, “A relevant police officer who suspects on reasonable grounds that a person is committing or has just committed a relevant offence within a declared area may give the person a notice banning the person, for the period specified in the notice, from the declared area.”
A Police Officer “must not give a banning notice to a person unless the police officer believes on reasonable grounds that the giving of the notice may be effective in preventing or deterring the person from committing a further relevant offence.”
If a police officer is not in uniform, they must produce proof of his or her identity and official status before issuing a banning notice.
The period specified in the banning notice must not exceed 72 hours starting from the time the notice is given to the person to whom it applies.
Police cannot give a banning notice if they believe or have reasonable grounds for believing the person lives or works in the declared area.
No more than one banning notice may be given to a person for a declared area in respect of the same relevant offence, but a banning notice may be given to a person who is already subject to a banning notice for the declared area if the subsequent notice is given in respect of a separate relevant offence.
Attorney General’s Advisory Group into Street Prostitution 2002 This report marked the end of a broad consultation process involving sex workers, Rhed, legal and health experts, local council and people who live in areas where the street based sex industry is visible. Many of the outcomes were positive and recommended legislative reform including the decriminalisation of street based sex work in some areas and the creation of ‘safe houses’. Unfortunately the Labor Government in Victoria rejected the recommendations and no further action has been taken since the release of the report. Link.
On June 1, 2016 some changes were made regarding laws advertising for sex workers; the overall framework unfortunately remained unaltered, despite submissions and advocacy for decriminalisation and the repealing of these discriminatory and counter productive laws. There are some changes to what content sex workers can now use in our advertising- which are outlined below.
Sections 5a, 5b and 5c of the ‘Sex Work Regulations 2016’ state: ” (5) An advertisement for a business carried on by a sex work service provider that is published on the Internet may contain a photographic or other pictorial representation of a person which is not restricted to the head and shoulders, provided that the advertisement does not contain a photographic or other pictorial representation of—
(a) the bare sexual organs, buttocks or anus of a person, or frontal nudity of the genital region; or.
(b) bare breasts; or.
(c) a sexual act or simulated sexual act. ”
(prior to June 1 2016, advertising laws for sex workers had restricted pictures legally allowed to only heads and shoulders)
Our Victorian organisational member, Vixen Collective, conducted a consultation with Victorian sex workers and in conjunction with St Kilda Legal Service has received feedback from Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) that although this feedback does not constitute legal advice, Consumer Affairs Victoria have stated that they support the following:
Sheer underwear may be worn but it cannot be completely transparent Very short shorts, hot pants, thong and G-string underwear can be worn but it must cover the genitalia and anus of a person This includes – the use of head hair, shadows, censorship bars or blur/special effects, another body part or product to cover the area Section 5(b):
The nipple/areola of a female’s breasts must be covered in all advertisements Otherwise exposure of the rest of the breasts is appropriate This includes – the use of head hair, shadows, censorship bars or blur/special effects, another body part or product to cover the area Section 5(c):
“Sexual act” is defined as per the term “sexual services” in the ‘Sex Work Act 1994’ section 3.
St Kilda Legal Service also has information on their website on this subject here. (opens in new window)
The entire “Advertising Controls” section of “Sex Work Regulations 2016” can be accessed here. (opens in new window)
To view a pdf file of the entirety of the Sex Work Regulations 2016 (part of which includes advertising regulations) see here. (Opens new window)

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15. Chaguaramas, Trinidad – Chaguaramas lies in the North West Peninsula of Trinidad west of Port of Spain, the name is often applied to the entire peninsula, but is sometimes used to refer to its most developed area. The developed area in Chaguaramas starts at ALCOA and ends at the Army, in the description or context of developed area one excludes the five islands which are in various stages of development or redevelopment as of 2016. However in the information below, some data is included on the Five Islands Most of the roadway in Chaguaramas lies close to the coast line and one can view the sea from the winding road, according to Google Maps, Chaguaramas is about fourteen kilometres from Port of Spain. The entire peninsula was leased to the United States in 1940 for the construction of a base under the Destroyers for Bases Agreement. The base was used during the early 1960s as a BMEWS early warning radar site. The base was scaled back in 1956 and the area was returned to Trinidad, Chaguaramas was the location slated for the construction of the capital of the short-lived West Indies Federation. It is also the place where the Treaty of Chaguaramas was signed, establishing Caricom, the Chaguaramas Peninsula supports one of the few remaining areas of dry forest in western Trinidad. On weekends groups of persons enter Chaguaramas to cycle on or kayak in rented equipment, during the week, the roadway is used as a training ground for persons who cycle in groups either for sport or as a part of a training session for a Tri-athalon. The Chaguaramas Boardwalk was developed by the Chaguaramas Development Authority as part of its tourism developmental thrust, the Boardwalk stretches for approximately 1300 feet along the shore of one of the Bays. The Boardwalk can be used as a route for pedestrians or for young families who stroll or as a stepping stone to get to the water to swim for leisure or as part of a training regimen. Available in close proximity to the Boardwalk are Gazebos and Pedal Boats which are available for rent, there is also the Dancing Water Fountain, the Trees Vendor Plaza and Miniature Off Road Activities according to the CDAs website. The Chaguaramas Golf Course is a 9-hole course and the public golf course in the twin-island Republic. The Golf Course at Chaguaramas has been in existence for some forty years and is one of the older. Pier 1 was designed to host functions for large numbers of persons, the venue was designed to host events in small areas within a larger setting, thus it can serve a large number of persons with different tastes through the use of the smaller areas as niche spots. CHaguaramas has been the center of yachting activity in Trinidad, there are several marinas within the Chaguaramas area which provide repair services or on-land boarding services for yachts. There is also the option to refuel and stock supplies or just moor the yacht at a pier or in a sheltered bay facility and visit the island. According to the CDA, the Gasparee Cave on Gasparee Island, along with the Salt Pond on Chacachacare, another heritage park which is located within the Macqueripe area in Chaguaramas is Samaan Park. At Macqueripe, one is allowed to swim in the sea as the area is located in an inlet.
16. Waller Field – Waller Air Force Base is a former United States Army Air Forces World War II air base located in northeastern Trinidad. It is located about 5 miles southwest of Valencia south of the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway, Waller Army Airfield was activated on 1 September 1941 with the assignment of the 92d Service Group. The units mission was to establish a facility within the United States Army Fort Read post. The unit consisted of the groups Headquarters, and the 92d Air Base, the group was assigned to the Caribbean Air Force. The airfield was intended to have four runways, but the two southern ones were cancelled due to the nature of the ground, Waller was built to be the premier US combat airbase in Trinidad, but events overtook the plan. The South Atlantic Air Route to Europe quickly developed and became the most often used method of getting aircraft to the African and European theaters of war. Airfield congestion at Waller became so acute that the combat aircraft, with the establishment of United States bases on Trinidad and other Caribbean islands, the Nazi menace was eliminated by the action of numerous air and naval patrols. In 1943, President Roosevelt visited Waller Field on his way to the Casablanca Conference in North Africa and it was also used as a long-range reconnaissance base by several photo-recon squadrons. With the end of World War II Waller Airfield was reduced in scope to a skeleton staff and it was redesignated Waller Air Force Base on 26 March 1948, by the Department of the Air Force General Order Number 10. President Harry S. Truman stopped at Waller Field on 31 August 1947 on his way to Brazil during a South American visit, Waller AFB was closed on 28 May 1949 due to budgetary cutbacks and MATS operations were shifted to bases in the Panama Canal Zone. After the bases closure, it became the home of various types of racing for over 40 years. This article incorporates public domain material from the Air Force Historical Research Agency website http, Air Force Combat Units Of World War II. Maxwell AFB, Alabama, Office of Air Force History, Maurer, Maurer, ed. Combat Squadrons of the Air Force, World War II. Washington, DC, Office of Air Force History, History of Waller Air Force Base Truman Library photos of President Truman at Waller Field Waller Airfield History at the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago.

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When is a law not a law? When do-gooder politicians fail to proclaim it.
Linda Williamson, Toronto Sun, October 1, 2006.
[accessed 23 April 2011]
YEARS OF LOBBYING – Other provinces, notably Alberta , have had such a law for years, and it has proven effective. In Ontario, where we have an estimated 1,200 child prostitutes, it took years of work and lobbying, but in 2002, the then-Conservative government endorsed and passed the private member’s bill originated by MPP Rick Bartolucci , a Liberal.
Trouble is, it was never proclaimed — not by the Tories and not by the Liberals since they came to power, even though it was the brainchild of one of their own. Amazingly, some youth outreach groups oppose the law as too "draconian" — because, hey, why shouldn’t a 14-year-old have the right to sell her body for cash?
Manitoba launches ‘ StopSexWithKids ‘ campaign.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC News, September 25, 2006.
[accessed 23 April 2011]
According to StopSexWithKids.ca, about 400 children and youth, aged eight to 16 years, are sexually exploited on Winnipeg streets each year. The average age of a child’s first sex trade experience is 13. Eighty per cent of the exploitation takes place in gang houses or "trick pads.
Brampton man charged with forcing 14-year-old girl into prostitution.
National Post, July 12, 2006.
[accessed 23 April 2011]
A 28-year-old Brampton man is facing 11 child-prostitution charges involving a 14-year-old girl. Police allege Kevin Rico Roach recruited the girl to work as a prostitute for him and maintained a violent relationship with her.
Sexual Exploitation Education and Awareness Coalition of Toronto Launches Poster Campaign to Help End Child Prostitution.
[Last access date unavailable]
Today, the Sexual Exploitation Education and Awareness Coalition of Toronto (SEEACT) launched its information and outreach poster campaign at Toronto Police Service Headquarters. The poster is one of the coalition’s projects aimed at spreading awareness and providing outreach to victims of child prostitution. The slogan, "No 13-Year-Old Dreams of Getting into Prostitution, Many Dream of Getting Out", is intended to help children and youth involved in, or affected by, commercial sexual exploitation reach out for assistance. It is also intended to educate the public that child prostitution is a form of child abuse. The phone number will give victims a point of contact for two community support agencies – Street Outreach Services, LOFT Community Services and Kids Help Phone.
N.L. police investigate alleged child porn and prostitution operation.
Canadian Press, ST. JOHN ‘S, N.L., February 08, 2006.
[accessed 23 April 2011]
An investigation into a porn and prostitution ring that allegedly involved 40 young girls in Newfoundland has prompted the police chief in St. John’s to suggest that the province has lost its innocence. "It involves allegations that young people in our community were being put in a situation that involved sexual exploitation or other crimes of a sexual nature," Deering said in an interview.
Child-sex ring uncovered in Winnipeg , police allege.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC News, November 2, 2005.
[accessed 19 August 2014]
Sgt. Kelly Dennison said about 20 girls – aged 12 to 17 – were sold into prostitution. Dennison said the other children younger than age 12, including a baby of only 18 months, weren’t necessarily forced to perform sexual acts but may have been exposed to them because they lived in the houses where they were taking place.
The Protection Project – Canada [DOC]
The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies ( SAIS ), The Johns Hopkins University.
FORMS OF TRAFFICKING – Several Canadian cities have been cited as popular sex tourist destinations. Montreal has frequently been referred to as the Bangkok of the West by American and Canadian tourists, and American tourists have been known to travel to Montreal for prostituted women and escort agencies. The Internet has also helped make Vancouver a sex tourist destination. Along the so-called kiddie stroll, girls as young as 11 work the streets, and young men are sold for sex in “boys’ town.” According to Vancouver health authorities, Victoria is a child sex tourism destination, and Internet sites detail how to buy underage sex there. Some people visit Victoria for the sole purpose of buying sex.
Five Years After Stockholm [PDF]
ECPAT: Fifth Report on implementation of the Agenda for Action.
ECPAT International, November 2001.
[accessed 13 September 2011]
[B] COUNTRY UPDATES – CANADA – The area where the most progress has been made in Canada is child/youth participation. The Canadian government continues to support “Out from the Shadows and Into the Light , ” a project of Save the Children Canada. The activities carried out under this project include a national consultation of aboriginal youth who are at risk of CSE. Efforts are now underway to create a national network of youth who are, or were, commercially sexually exploited. Apart from developing a network, SEYSO (Sexually Exploited Children Speak Out) will provide skills development and mentoring programs, and develop community capacity building.

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The auletrides could be reserved for private parties as well, when the more sexual of their talents were utilized. Other, similar types of entertainers were the psaltriai , or harp players, and the kitharistriai , or lyre players. These girls—and occasionally boys—often reported to a poroboskos , who essentially acted as a madam to hire them out for private parties.
The Ganika was the Indian version of Japan’s geisha. These women enjoyed high standing in society and having one around meant that good luck and prosperity were to follow. As a Ganika would never marry and never be widowed, they escaped the social stigma of widowhood. Widows were considered to be extremely bad omens and were, at one point, forbidden to appear in public.
Indian society recognizes nine types of prostitutes and the Ganika was the elite tier in this hierarchy. In addition to sexual talents, these Indian prostitutes were expected to learn a variety of other skills in the field of the performing arts. Once all 64 were mastered, the woman was raised to the position of Ganika.
While other types of prostitutes were typically housewives making extra money for the husbands that controlled them or servants that were expected to provide their masters with sexual as well as domestic services, the Ganika would be given a place of honor in royal courts and have songs and poems written about her beauty and skills. As they typically served the nobility, they were protected by state laws. They were also subject to them, too, and could be beaten or fined for refusing a noble customer.
The zonah is the female prostitute of the Hebrew Bible. Unlike other women, she was not owned by a man and was not responsible for producing children to carry on a family line. The zonah existed outside the laws of the Bible, with only a small number of rules included in the book for dictating behavior of and towards these women.
One very specific rule is that a father is forbidden from selling his daughter into prostitution, and if the daughter of a priest becomes a zonah, then she is condemned to be burned to death. Priests were forbidden to marry a zonah, but other men were equally able to marry and to enjoy them. Other types of prostitutes were attached to the temples of pagan deities—it was said to be forbidden for an Israelite woman to become a qedeshab , sometimes interpreted as a temple prostitute.
A hetaira was a high-class courtesan in Athens. Because prostitution was legal in the city, and also because those prostitutes couldn’t be Athenian citizens, a hetaira was often a slave. Less often, she was someone living in the city who was born of non-Athenian parents.
Unlike porne ,women that practiced their profession behind closed doors, the hetaira were often seen working the crowds at symposiums. They were forbidden to marry a citizen, but could be bought and freed by one, although the practice was frowned upon. Their status as a hetaira would never be erased, and if they were caught pretending to be a full citizen, they could be taken to court. Those found guilty could be returned to a life of slavery. Hetaira were frequently made the mistresses of the most powerful of people and have been known to sit as models for statues of Aphrodite, so great was their elegance and beauty.
The tawaifs were known as performing artists in North India during the 18th to early 20th centuries. Much like the geisha, they were dancers and musicians, thought of not as prostitutes in the usual sense but as performers with a circle of patrons rather than clients. Many were wealthy, especially those that chose their patrons wisely.
Those that had daughters could pass their wealth—and often their profession—on to them. In fact, coming from a long line of tawaifs increased social standing. They were forbidden from marrying, but could enter into a different sort of formal relationship with their patrons that made them wives in everything but name. Interestingly, they were seen as existing alongside traditional wives as two sides to the same coin. Where the wife was the respectable way to continue a family line, the tawaif was the beautiful, sensual creature that only a powerful man could attract.
The subject of mut’ah (or mut’a ) is a tricky one. It’s an Islamic temporary marriage, in which two parties enter into an agreement to be married for a set amount of time. The contract can be written or verbal, and all parts of the marriage are agreed upon beforehand, including how much of a “dowry” the woman will receive, what kind of physical contact will be involved, and how long the marriage is going to last.
On one hand, proponents say that it’s a way for two people to live together before getting a full marriage to see if they’re right for each other without breaking any Islamic laws. Some contracts can stipulate that there will be no physical contact, and some are done under the watchful eyes of the parties’ parents. Other contracts can stipulate that the marriage is only going to last a few hours and that the woman is going to get paid for it.

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