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Her madam would ask this same male friend to ‘test out’ new girls, Lauren says. ‘She’d say, "There you go, there’s your practice run." He’d report back and say, "She did this, she did that, she was good. I’d put her in the top bracket." Or he’d say, "She’s a bit mediocre, so she might be a ?1,000-a-night job as opposed to a ?10,000." There’s also a place in Paris she’ll send top girls to learn about sex, all the tricks. Paris is unbelievable for that stuff.’ Are the girls nervous? She laughs. ‘You can’t have nerves! These girls are tough. And there’s a numbness – it’s work. We don’t care about clients. A lot [of girls] come from not-great backgrounds.’ She trails off. ‘Let’s just say there’s a reason why they’re doing what they’re doing.’
The new dinner party rules.
Begone, ‘kitchen supp’ – the dinner party is back and it means business.
By Rebecca Radcliffe.
Today, many of the girls are from Russia or Eastern Europe, she says, but others are from ‘all over – America, Brazil, South Africa, the Far East’. The madam ‘has an eye for who’ll be good. She arranges accommodation for the new faces’ and has around 100 girls on her books. ‘The very least you’ll be paying is ?1,000 a night – those are the get-’em-in, get-’em-out service girls.’ They’re booked for events like ‘the big weekend shoots’, or to sit in a nightclub, ‘making some sleazy guy look good’. She continues: ‘The mid-range are the majority – ?5,000 a night up. A lot of Russians. They’re usually exceptionally beautiful but maybe didn’t cut it modelling. Most of the mid-range guys aren’t mega-mega – they’re wealthy-banker league. It’s like an addiction: they can’t travel and not have a hooker. It goes hand in hand.’
Girls are sent ‘to etiquette classes, to learn how to sit, eat, which knife, fork, which glass for the white, for the red. It can’t be obvious to the other dinner guests that she’s a prostitute.’ It sounds very My Fair Lady – albeit a pornographic version. ‘But not all the girls are badly educated,’ she adds. ‘There are students, girls with private school backgrounds rebelling against Daddy.’ She tells of a girl from a fabulous background who fell in love with a client. ‘And the client left his wife and three children for her.’ Do many girls marry out of the game? ‘Not as many as you’d think,’ she says. ‘It’s not Pretty Woman. But then again, a lot of society women started out this way.’
What makes a ?10,000-?20,000 girl? ‘Looks and training. We were professionals. We’d need to be funny, a laugh, party all night. Or cool and clever, discreet and well-mannered. You could never be fazed by power or mega money – or what you were asked to do.’ She says the top girls are ‘healthy’ – they go to the gym. ‘They don’t do drugs, smoke or drink. Sometimes you’re up all night, you need to look after yourself.’ The top 10 are ‘champion racehorses’. Others are ‘more hard-wearing’.
‘An absolutely stunning girl might not be so bright, or her English isn’t good. She’ll go to Arab clients. They want a beautiful girl they can lock in a room and bang, bang, bang.’ She pauses. ‘But they pay well.’
Books to read when you’re crazy in love.
‘Crazy’ being the operative word here.
By Francesca Carington.
Does that mean other clients treat girls well? ‘Yes, but. ‘ She takes a deep breath. ‘A lot of these guys are seriously fucked up. If they’re married, their wives don’t do what they want. No woman in her sane mind would do half of it.’ She describes unprintable scenes and remembers being put in ‘an exceptionally expensive outfit so that the client could [urinate] on it’. One European royal ‘who has hookers all the time’ is so rough that Lauren’s madam refuses to send her best girls. A famous film director offered to make Lauren famous ‘if I didn’t use a condom’.
She refused. ‘And one guy – you definitely know his name – wanted to be a baby girl dressed as a ballerina. We had to smack him and put things up his bum. They’d rather pay a beautiful whore because it’s less of a headache,’ she goes on. ‘No offence, but it’s easier than convincing your wife to have sex. They say, "Do what you’re paid to do."’
In addition to their fees (which were paid to the madam – ‘no money changes hands with the girl’), clients would take them shopping for tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of clothes. ‘About 10 years ago, all the girls had Louis Vuitton luggage.’ They were taken to the VIP rooms in the major fashion houses. ‘Getting jewellery is key. That’s an investment. They’re big savers, they don’t spend their own money. And if they start young – 18 is a good age – and do 10 to 12 years of hard work, they’re made.’ Retirement age is 28, ‘latest 30’, Lauren says. ‘They need to earn enough to send home, or to put away for their future.’ (Lauren invested in property.) She says there’s an upper echelon of exclusive prostitutes, the famous ex-models, It girls and actresses, who charge for their celebrity premium. ‘They have a longer shelf life.’ Lauren cites six, including a former Victoria’s Secret model, who charged ‘?25,000 an hour. That’s a lot of money, so good for her.’

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