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InViolet: Tell us about the film you shot last summer! Is it completed? Where/when/how can we see it?
John: It’s called Orgami, not origami. It’s written and directed by Woonjae Park, it is shot in black and white, is beautiful and will astound you. Word, that good. It should be out this year in the fancy festivals and what have you. I’m in it too and supposedly act better in black and white. My website will have all the screening updates as we find out.
InViolet: You’re a hip-hop guy. What are you listening to these days? How are your personal hip-hop skillz? Will we ever get to see you… hip-hoppin’?
John: I can spit stuff that I love, but I’m not about to freestyle on a packed 6 train. Anxiously waiting for that Lin Manuel call, would love to! I still listen to the classics as I think they’re nearly impossible to beat. I grew up during the golden era of hip-hop in NYC so I was blessed with some amazing music. Nas’s Illmatic, Biggie’s Ready to Die, Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers and Tribe’s Midnight Marauders were always on loop. Since I mostly listened to entire albums, I had memorized all the skits word perfect. I can still recite the funny stuff from the Fugees The Score and the GZA’s Liquid Swords. My all-time favorite single though is probably “They Reminisce Over You” by Pete Rock and CL Smooth. In terms of current stuff, Kendrick Lamar is a poet and his albums are like reading an amazing work of literature. It’s best enjoyed from beginning to end. Joey Badass and Action Bronson also get my love.
InViolet: Last year you were in INTAR’s amazing show Locusts Have No King (btw, we LOVED it) with fellow InVi member Dan Domingues, who claims he and the rest of the cast were quite mean to you. Say it ain’t so! What did they do to you??
John: Thanks for coming to see it! It was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had in the theater. I loved the play written by J. Julian Christopher, loved my cast, my director David Mendizabal, my entire team. Despite what Dan thinks, they weren’t that bad to me haha, it was all in good fun and they started a Concado therapy fund for me so all was forgiven. Also, my character was a bit of a doormat so if anything, it helped make my character more honest. Mad Stanislavski, yup! Dan Domingues is a treasure of a person and actor. He made me a better and stronger actor every single show and I’m so proud to call him friend and a fellow Invi.
InViolet: What’s next for you?
John: I’m really focused on kicking ass for Bamboo in Bushwick and then look forward to what opportunities the theater gods may grace me with. I’ve worked with some really amazing and important artists and companies over the years and feel so fortunate as I’m a “working actor,” but there’s still so many left on my checklist. I’m coming for you next! I also am interested in doing more film and television work as I’ve found it rewarding on a different level, so watch out as I look forward to getting into your homes! Wait, that came out wrong.
InViolet: What are you excited about?
John: I’m excited for young playwrights Christopher Gabriel Nunez and Gina Femia to get their moment in the sun. That would make me so happy. I believe in them so much and champion their writing! I’m looking forward to seeing Tallie and Jacqueline’s next work presented at SMS. I am absolutely grateful for all the opportunities and love Inviolet has provided me with in such a short period of time. The retreat, reading new work from Karina Richardson, Jen Bowen and Nurit Monacelli. Richard Etchison’s play this past fall directed by Mark Cirnigliaro, working on Erin Mallon’s hysterical pieces, hanging with everyone at meetings, the recent One Night Stand acting with JJ Pyle and Benjamin Manno and last but certainly, not least, The Second Monday Socials. So so thankful to Marguerite Stimpson and Bixby for birthing it and providing all of us with a monthly artistic outlet, not to mention Troy Lococo and his beautiful spirit. This is my family and I love you all. Thank you.
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InViolet InFocus – Otoja Abit.
Did you know Otoja Abit has played basketball in front of 17,000 spectators at Madison Square Garden? Did you know he played Trans Pioneer Marsha P Johnson in the feature film Stonewall? He also has a dog named Willa, a deep love for his mama and sister and he’s writing, directing and acting like crazy. Get to know this guy!
InViolet: You are one of our newer InViolet members, but we’ve long been fans of you. So nice to have you officially onboard! What has your InViolet journey been like so far?
Otoja: My InViolet journey thus far has been an interesting one. I’ve been a fan of the company for a while and extremely grateful that my dear friend, Tara Westwood, introduced me to this family. Tara and I studied together with Maggie Flanigan for two years and we both had a deep appreciation for the work and overall aspirations. Tara invited me to a company meeting once and from there InViolet kept me in mind. As time went on, I was a guest artist in the 2014 One Night Stand working on a Michael Henry Harris piece. Then that same summer I attended my first company retreat. Time went on and eventually last fall I was invited to be part of InViolet and never hesitated to join. That same fall we began our fundraising campaign and I was happy to blend my friends and family (new and old) with the InViolet family to aid in attaining a financial goal to support the company.

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